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We take pride in and operate with a shared vision of excellence combined with functionality in their installations. CableTel’s clientele can rest assured that their most customized requests will be handled carefully by a top trained and industry certified staff.

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John Walsh

Orange County, CA

Our company provides critical services for the US Government. CableTel Technology Partners assisted us by installing and securing a customized network that was built to meet our needs. In addition, they provided hands-on, on-site training during the set-up process, as well as timely responses to service call requests. I highly recommend CAbleTel Technology Partners to any other business in need of technical assistance.

Rack Servers for Enterprise

Jeff Longbottom

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you and all the CableTel Technology Partners Staff for the excellent help and support you have given us over the last year. We are so far ahead of the game as far as being ready to implement our new practice management and EHR systems. I know we could not have done this without you.

Server Room

Chanda Kuntaro

West Los Angeles

I realize this was quite an undertaking and an unusual request outside the scope of what IT support usually takes on, but CableTel attended to every detail with minimum disruptions in work flow and the results are outstanding and far beyond what I thought was possible. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the transformation.